Gizmo is a 5 year old owner surrender Golden Retriever. From what we know, he was with his last owner less than 3 weeks and had fought with another dog over a toy. When the volunteer went to the home, there were at least 2 other dogs at the home. The foster family has had no problem with Gizmo and their small dog. Perhaps due to the fact that Gizmo has not had a secure home, he takes awhile to bond.

He is high-energy, and is obsessed with the ball and retrieving. Hey!  He’s a retriever!  Gizmo, like most dogs,  could benefit from training, especially to hone in on his listening skills – he is so excited!   But he does great on walks and knows “Sit” and “Lay Down”. He loves, loves, loves,  the dog park and could play for a long, long time. He likes to run and probably would do best with an active family!  So that’s what we will be looking for.   He would fit well in a home with kids!