Meet Gody!

Gody is an ancient Scottish name that evolved from the Goldie, which derives from the Old English personal name Gold. Gody was found in a Turkish forest with a large wound on his neck – most likely from having to defend himself from other dogs. He was so happy to see his rescuers – wiggling about with a water bottle in his mouth. He needs a dog-savvy family with no small children and the patience to gain his trust.

Gody is a joy to have around. He has excellent manners, sitting politely and blinking when he wants something with his “treat peepers”. He is house trained, sleeps beautifully through the night and doesn’t climb on furniture. He clearly demonstrates when he wants affection by laying his head on your leg, putting his paw on you or walking in very close to you. He does well when left alone but prefers having someone around most of the time. If you are busy, he will lay down and relax near you or go out and take a sun nap. He is super smart, learns quickly, is anxious to please and corrects verbally very well. He knows “sit”, “take it”, “drop it”, “wait” and is working on “leave it”, “watch me” and “touch”. He does not like “down” as it makes him feel vulnerable. He enjoys your attention during bath time including the doggy dryer. Brushing is to die for! He rides beautifully in the car. He has a bit of a thing for carbs and had one counter surfing incident over cornbread as well as the ability to track down passersby who have a morning bagel in hand. He sleeps in the living room on a dog bed by choice but comes in for a joyous morning greeting when you get up.

Gody loves going for walks and is learning not to pull with the help of an easy-walk harness. He pulls when excited but settles in nicely. He is alert and curious on walks. He can be dog selective so he is getting a lot of praise when seeing another dog and working on redirection when he gets too excited. He has a high prey drive – squirrels, rats, birds, etc. but he is a silent stalker. A great hunter. He will keep your yard clear of critters if you let him – that is for sure! Cats are probably a no-go.

It’s important to know that Gody is slower than most Goldens to trust his family – taking several weeks of kindness and giving him some space as he acclimates to a new environment and family. He is not a dog to hug right away or “submit” to an alpha approach. But if you treat him with kindness and patience, he will adore you and become the Golden you expect him to be. He will give you his belly for rubs, seek out your affection, spoon with you and more. He will come in to greet you in the morning with a big stretch and a cute yawny howl. It’s this same personality that requires caution at the vet or groomer where he must be handled by a stranger. In these cases he is comfortable with a canvas muzzle as a precaution.

Gody also has “resource guarding” tendencies. This was developed on the streets as a biological need to protect anything that would be his. Despite that, he has responded BEAUTIFULLY to positive conditioning exercises with his foster mom and fur siblings. He will need his new family to work with him similarly to get things off on the right foot and learn his body language. Today he loves to roll around on toys, play fetch and walk around proudly to show his toys off. He will likely never be a dog to take things from forcibly but he will gladly drop it so you can throw it again or let you touch it with admiration while he wags at you. He is well behaved at feeding time, hanging close during the preparation and then running to his spot with excitement. He will sit and wait while the bowl is placed and you say “take it”.

Gody should probably be an only pet with no young kids to put him in a difficult situation. That being said, he is living with 2 other dogs and an experienced dog person – learning a tremendous amount from them. The introductions were careful and slow. He enjoys the company but does not want a dog in his face or one that will jostle him. He still gets possessive about toys but the other dogs are savvy and know when to give it up. And he wants to be at the front of the line for affection. He has a bit of arthritis in his spine and hips despite his age. The doc says good nutrition, consistent steady exercise, supplements and NSAIDs will be important for him. He is probably not the dog for the dog park or dog beach.

Check out Gody in full motion video here!

If you are a match for Gody and have completed your application and home visit please contact Nedra at

Gody’ minimum adoption donation is $800. International adoption amounts are higher to cover the costs of transport. This boy is worth every penny and it helps SCGRR to keep rescuing amazing dogs like him from other countries!

Gody’s ID #4696