Goldilocks – beautiful smile and beautiful secret – the origin of the lovely patch of white fur on her chest; it’s the only clue that she might not be 100% Golden.  As best we can tell, it means, “please scratch me here.”

Goldie (her real name) is as friendly, gentle and sweet as they come.  She is a love bug with  her foster people and gets along well with her canine foster brothers, too.  She is also good and playful with the dogs that she meets at the park.

She needs at least one peon who will spend a lot of time cuddling with her, scratching her and telling her what a good and well loved dog she is.  Preferably on the sofa and on her person’s bed.  She is not classically velcro but, she does like lots of attention.  And she will be on your bed when you wake up even if you made her start the night on her dog bed which s not easy to do, either.

Goldie enjoys chewing on a big Nylabone that belongs to her big, strong, possessive Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix of a foster bro named, Chunk.  Little thing will walk right up and try to take it out of his big slobbery mouth.  And when he refuses to let it go, she growls at him softly and then he releases his grip on it.  But, she is very gentle and understated through the entire thieving process.

On the other hand, she is a good little retriever of tennis balls and the like –   delivering the ball to your hand with a very soft mouth or just dropping it at your feet.

Goldie has a second foster bro, 7 year old Golden boy Apollo who is not a great fan of foster dogs – he usually just wants to ignore them.  Goldie has not taken that personally; she has persisted in trying to make friends with him and actually managed to get him to play-fight with her.  She prefers Chunk though because he will sometimes even let her cuddle with him.  She would be a good pal for a dog who likes to befriend, cuddle and play with other dogs.

Goldie is always up for a ride in the car, a trip to the dog park.  She is gentle, knows sit and come and is learning to use the dog door.  She is house trained for the most part, respectful of peoples’ things and gentle with tug toys.