Meet Gonzo

Gonzo is a small to medium, beautiful deep red Golden Retriever. He is approximately 10 years old…with a very shy, subdued demeanor.  He seems content but….his demeanor resembles questionable abuse. He doesn’t lift his head too high and his tail is tucked. Gonzo was picked up as a stray and never claimed.

Carrie Madrid came to this special boys rescue! The shelter had him listed as not adoptable….maybe because of his age….or his red, irritated foot?

When Carrie went to rescue this sweet guy….she noticed his red, irritated foot was much worse than stated. He was also covered with ticks and very thin. She immediately took him to the vet…where his bloody, macerated paw, had to have one toe amputated. The path reports came back stating this little guy has melanoma.

With all that…Gonzo has done very well with his recovery! He’s still very thin….having a hard time putting weight on…but…has a great appetite. He loves his walks and he’s now showing interest in chasing a ball. He is very safe, secure and comfortable in his foster home and gets along beautifully with his foster-fur brothers. He snuggles on the couch with his foster Mom and has become her shadow. He does not make a peep…he’s a quiet little guy who asks for nothing! We love him so much!

The rescue was looking for a permanent foster home for him…due to his age and melanoma diagnosis. Since we…his foster family …does not want to bounce this little guy around any longer…we have decided to keep him as our permanent foster and give him all the love he could ask for! We are all seniors here and this is where he belongs!