Meet Goofy

June 2017
Cody was lost today.

Sometime during the night he developed bloat where his stomach twisted. His foster family got him to the vet this morning and did an X-ray to also find masses on his lungs. 
Cody was in great distress and his foster family made the decision to allow him to cross the rainbow bridge. 
Goofy (Cody) arrived at SCGRR in August of 2012. This poor boy was covered with large, sticky burrs which he patiently allowed his rescuers to cut away.  His left ear was scratched and red from the enormous burr there.  He was sad and weak at first but it’s amazing how love and food can do. 
His foster dad quickly found Cody was the perfect boy who liked to play but was also calm.  He gets excited about walks but is well behaved despite his excitement and he likes to give golden paw for affections.
Unfortunately, we discovered a large (almost size of soccer ball) tumor/growth on right side of thorax and smaller cyst on his upper back. Goofy was diagnosed with Cancer, so he is living his life out in the SCGRR “Save a Life” permanent foster program getting all the love and attention he deserves. He also enjoys the company of his foster sister “Grace”.
The latest update from his foster dad is:  Cody is doing pretty well. He is a very sweet boy, and seems happy. He has been on Previcox (an arthritis medication) for his legs and hips for a while and is also getting a supplement for his liver twice a day.