Hello!! This is Goofy and his name suits him perfectly. He is a ball of energy as one would expect from an 8 month old puppy and a complete goofball.  He was an owner relinquishment as the mom did not have time to spend with him.  He is a Golden Mix, we think a bit of terrier.

He loves to play with other dogs, he will run around for as long as anyone is willing to play. He also loves to play with kids and is super sweet. He behaves well on the leash, loves to go on walks but does get nervous in new settings and likes to stick close to his humans. He loves all the dog and human attention he can get in our home.

Goofy is fully house trained, and hasn’t had any accidents while staying with us. As he is a puppy he will get into things that you leave within his reach, and has the tendency to bark to let you know he wants something or doesn’t want something. He is eager to learn and could easily be trained not to do this, his just needs a little time. He is a quick learner.

One of his favorite things to do is go for a ride in the car, he curls up into a little ball and the ride seems to be his calm place.

 While Goofy can be shy at first, he warms up very quickly, and once he accepts you he is all in.

Goofy would love a home with lots to do, that could be other dogs, kids and for sure a ton of toys. He loves to carry around a ball or chew toy just in case you want to play.

He would be a great addition to any home, so sweet, loving and eager to be a part of a family.