Meet Fuji

Fuji means “Good Fortune” in Chinese and it was his good fortune that he found SCGRR. At the tender age of 6, Fuji came to America from Taiwan with a happy heart and severe hip dysplasia in both of his hips, preventing his adoption. Fuji has spent time in loving foster care since his arrival here in 2011. He is a gentle spirit, loves everybody he meets, is a constant companion to his foster mom as she works in the yard, and loves to play with his foster sister Jenny. He will be celebrating his 11th birthday in  April.

When Fuji first came to us he was a speed bump. Chronic pain prevented him from going on short walks or even getting in and out of the car for a ride. His foster mom built a portable step that she could carry in the trunk of her car to help him get in and out so at least he would enjoy car rides and go to the park or visit friends. He was afraid of the doggie door, so the back door was always left open should he need to go outside.

In regulating his medication over time we have added monthly Adequan injections as part of his pain management treatment, and what a different dog!  He walks like a happy dog, he wags like a happy dog and he plays like a happy dog. Fuji now takes daily walks to the nearby neighborhood park where other dogs play. While he does not run and fetch, he will play a little tug-of-war-with Jenny and loves to visit with all of the humans. He also speaks Chinese! One of the patrons at the park loves to speak to Fuji in her native tongue and he gets very excited!

Surgery was not an option and the best we can do is manage his pain so he can be active and happy for the rest of his days.