Meet Haiku and her new Family!

Haiku is such a stunner with her dark red hair and big expressive eyes. She is about 7-1/2 years young. Haiku is so sweet and good that we nor she can figure out why her family dumped her at the shelter. But we are thrilled to have her. Her foster dad tells me that she’s perfectly mannered in the home with no bad habits, house-trained, great on a leash, doesn’t bark and is very calm. Haiku hasn’t attempted to climb the stairs at her foster’s home, so perhaps a single floor home would work best for her, or she’d be content with her living quarters being on the first floor.

She loves people, is gentle with kids, and is great with other dogs. Haiku could be happy being an only dog, or having a doggie pal. We do not know about cats. She just needs gentle walks and medium activity. Haiku tends to be more independent than velcro; but if you’ve got a treat, she’ll sit patiently and give you her full attention for a taste. Haiku is just looking for her forever-family to assure her that she’ll be safe and loved and never abandoned again. She’s going to have plenty of love to give back!

Haiku found her new forever home!