Hank and Leo – Adopted!

Hank and Leo … cat friendly, kid friendly bonded pair!

This beautiful bonded pair came to us due to their owner’s terminal illness. While they are doing well in foster care, they definitely miss their owner and are in need of a loving, forever home.

Hank (the red boy) is 7 years old. With his long legs, beautiful gait, and calm nature, the term “gentle giant” seems like it was made for him. Hank would love a house where he could sleep on the couch, but he is adapting just fine to the no couch rule in his foster home and learning to enjoy a cushy dog bed on the floor. While very sweet and calm, Hank is definitely a bit shy and can get nervous when taken to new places. Although he’s had some moments of exuberant play, he is often found laying quietly in the bedroom. He seems a bit sad and will need extra love and attention. Past vet records show that he has been on thyroid medication before. Recent tests show his thyroid function to be on the low end of normal. He has started a small daily thyroid pill which may give him more energy. His new family will want to work closely with their vet to determine what ongoing care is needed, if any.

Leo (the lighter colored boy) is 8 years old and full of energy and love. He is rarely seen without a wagging tail and loves to carry toys in his mouth. Although he thankfully doesn’t rip apart any of his toys, he has not learned the difference between a dog toy and a child’s stuff animal. Dirty socks are another favorite of his to carry around. Leo will happily join you in a game of fetch (and actually return the item), keep you company as you cook in the kitchen, or just lay at your feet while you work on your computer. Leo came to us with an ear infection and is currently on medication. The vet mentioned daily cleaning will be important for him. He’ll also need continued check-ups to ensure his ear remains clear of infection.

Both dogs get along well with their foster siblings : another golden, a house cat, and a backyard tortoise. They also seem to get along well with the children they’ve met, sitting calmly and enjoying pets from small hands. They would do well in a house with children, but given Leo’s love of stuffed animals, and Hank’s trepidation in new environments, they’d likely do better with elementary school age children 8 and older.

They are both well behaved in the house, have done no damage, although they do like to check out the trash baskets. The dogs have taken several walks in foster care, but more leash training is needed as they tend to pull and want to race ahead of each other.