Hapai – Adopted!

I am BIG, lovable, very high energy boy!

I love people, they are fabulous. Even more fabulous when they have food!  Oh yeah!  Food, people, food, my little foster brother,  people, toys and food; those are my favourite things!  I will bark when it’s breakfast and dinner time because I want you, no need you, to go faster please!

I am a few pounds overweight, so I’ve been on a diet and that will need to continue to get me into better shape.  I have a lot of beautiful golden fur which also contributes to my size.   I am a really beautiful golden boy.

I am very friendly with strangers, though I will bark when they come to the door.  I bark for attention, when I want you to look at me or give me something.  I would love to go for walks, hikes, short runs, and anything outdoors, but I will need someone who is very strong as I pull extremely hard on a leash. A gentle leader will probably help quite a bit, but training is what I really need.  While I know quite a few commands like sit, roll over, down and shake, I am not really manners trained. I’ll jump up you and everyone who comes in; I counter surf; and if you’re holding food I might take that from your hand when you’re not watching.

I live with a small fur foster brother named Bruce who you can see in my pictures and we get along just fine. I have not been tested with cats or larger dogs, but it’s thought I’d be ok.   I have a tendency to be destructive with my soft toys or with things laying around like towels or blankets, underwear and socks.   This would also be why manners training would be a requirement for me.   I enjoy large knuckle bones and other non-destructible things.

I am not a digger or a jumper, but if I am left alone in the yard I will try to escape.  I need someone who is home most of the time.   I am crated at night time and sleep very well and securely in it. I am also crated any time my foster mum runs out to do errands which I don’t mind for an hour or so; once I get training to leave things alone, and am getting a lot of excercise then I can be out and about in the house.

My favourite thing is attention from my humans. I LOVE it!   I would like a large yard for running and playing.  Older kids would be fantastic, but the younger ones I will bowl over because I am just not aware of my size yet!  I ask to go out to poop, but I am not completely housebroken with my pee time. While I’ll pee on command, I still need work on asking to go outside.  It is thought I was tied up outside most my life, so this can be fixed with training and some patience.