Meet Hardy – Adopted!

Meet sweet Hardy! Hardy is estimated to be around 8 years old and came all the way from Taiwan. Hardy was abandoned by his owner and spent most of his time outside at the owner’s fish farm and ate rotten fish. At the farm, he had nowhere to hide from the extremely hot temperatures in the summer and typhoons. The owner’s sister who lives abroad felt sorry for him and contacted a shelter in Taiwan to care for him. Thank goodness she did!
Hardy is sweet, loving and gentle-natured. He wants to stand, sit or lay next to you just wanting to be loved and pet. Although he is not a kisser, he does try to hug you and put his paw on you. He is not nervous, fearful or skittish. He is very Velcro!
He is not a hyper dog, but he is certainly not lazy either. If you are excited, he will share that excitement right with you and will mimic your feelings! When he gets excited, he likes to grab the first thing he sees and will carry it around in his mouth. It may be a blanket, pillow, newspaper or sometimes, if there is nothing else, he will take your hand gently and walk around with it in his mouth! He can be very playful and has a medium energy level.
He loves stuffed animals, balls, tennis balls, empty water bottles, toys and his walks. It is apparent he hasn’t had many of those in his past as he does pull a bit but with a slight tug on the leash, he does better. With regard to his toys, he does not allow you to take them from him easily and shows some aggression to toys and food when other dogs are around, as he gets possessive of them and may growl and bark at the other dogs as a warning. He does not fight, but he does let them know the toy or food is his. Although very sweet, Hardy is not a passive dog. He doesn’t pay much attention to the other dogs, although he likes to play at times with them. He mostly wants attention and love from his humans and is very loyal to them.
Hardy eats great and begs, as most dogs do! He doesn’t counter surf or sniff and does take food gently from your hands. He is housetrained and sleeps well near his fosters on a bed in their room. He does not know commands but is a smart boy and will learn easily! He barks very seldom, as he is becoming protective of his fosters and their home and will bark when someone is walking outside his yard. He enjoys being outside, especially when you are with him! He is frightened of car rides and shakes.
Hardy would do best in a quiet, semi-active home with no young children and possibly no other dogs UNLESS someone is willing to be patient and go through training to teach socialization properly with him. He loves his humans so much; he would appreciate someone home for most of the day with him. He is very social with adults but not so much with children. He will tolerate them, but shows no excitement toward them.
If you have completed an adoption application with our rescue, have had your in-home interview and meet Hardy’s needs as mentioned above, please send an email to Kris at and let her know how Hardy could flourish in your world!
Due to high transportation costs the minimum adoption donation for Hardy is $600
Hardy’s ID# 4421