Hello ! My name is Harrold. Although I am told I am a mix  my personality is 100% GOLDEN.  Harrold of Cornwall is quite a mouthful – the lads at the Puppy Pub call me “Harry” when we share a pint o’ kibble.

I’m just about 11 weeks old now, and a real happy puppy at my foster family’s house. Good food and plenty of fresh water and exercise playing with my sisters is doing wonders. I’m up to 15 pounds now  – up 4.5 pounds in a week and a half. I’ve had my first vaccinations and I’m already fixed (although I didn’t like that part!)

I really want to find a forever home, where there is another dog to play with and people around most of the time. I play hard, love to eat and love to take naps! Are you my new family?

Foster Dad here: Harry is quite the puppy. Very happy and agreeable and smart! He learned to use the doggie door right away, sits before he gets his bowl of food and responds to his name. He is doing pretty good on the house training but he is after all – still a puppy. Taking him outside right after he eats or wakes up and praise when he does the right thing is working. Not too many “oops” any more.

He still has the sharp little puppy teeth and loves to chew so put your shoes in the closet and close the door. Chew bones, toys and balls are a must.

He sleeps most of the night inside. If you need to leave the house for awhile his space in a crate is best with toys and a blanket.