Meet Hartford and his new Family!

Right? I know what you are thinking. Let me assure you that this boy is golden from the inside-out. Hartford, better known as Sweet Hart by his foster mom, is the most amazing boy with the sweetest temperament! He has the build and personality of a young golden although we are not sure of the other half of his parentage which gives him such beautiful markings and eyes. Hart is a fantastic boy, social and happy! He is great with other dogs and everyone he has met so far. He is learning not to jump up to say hello and that the stuff on the counter does not always belong to him, other than that he has been the perfect guest.

Hart needs a family that will give him a lot of exercise. When bored and left home alone for long periods of time, he has taking to re-arranging the furniture and re-landscaping corners of the yard so we are looking for an active family where someone is home part of the day or can take him to work. A check-in at lunch will not satisfy his social needs.

Hmmm, what else can we tell you? Hart loves to go for walks, playtime at the park tops his list. We have not taken him to the beach or exposed him to water so do not know if he is a swimmer. LOVES everybody, rides great in the car, housebroken, has pretty good leash manners after the first 5 minutes and the excitement of being out and about has worn off. Hart is super smart and a refresher is all he needs. Not sure about cats, sleeps right next to his people. This boy is pretty Velcro. That’s about it!

Hartford found his new forever home!