Meet Harvey and his new Family!

Take me for a ride in the car and I’m happy! That’s Harvey, a truly sweet and good natured 8 ½ year old boy whose eyes always let you know what he’s thinking. Harvey is extremely well behaved and follows commands such as sit, down and stay without hesitation. He is housebroken and sleeps quietly through the night. He is a gentle soul and gets along beautifully with furry critters of all shapes and sizes.

He also loves kids, big and small. Allergies have left the fur on his backside a little thin, but a change in diet and good grooming are bringing back the shine to his beautiful red coat. He loves being allowed to follow you around the house and yet is more than happy to lay at your feet, too. The family chosen to love and care for Harvey can expect leisurely walks, games of fetch with a tennis ball and most importantly unconditional love.

Harvey found his new forever home!