Meet Hatchi and his new Family!

Meet Hatchi, a 5 year old redheaded boy. Hatchi had a rough entrance into rescue after being turned in by his owners when they relocated and could not take him with them. Hatchi had to have a second neuter surgery after the shelter did a subpar job the first time around. He’s also lost some of the fur on his underside due to stress and poor diet. However, after lots of love from his fosters and a visit to the vet to have his stitches removed, he is on the mend.

Hatchi is housebroken, walks well on the leash, and has pretty good house manners (the occasional counter-surfing aside). Hatchi prefers the company of people and would like to be the only dog so that he can soak up all of the attention and love his people have to give. He loves cuddles and belly rubs and takes treats ever so gently. Hatchi has shown some possessiveness toward his Nylabones, so we recommend a home with children over the age of 8. Until the rest of his fur grows in, Hatchi should have some sort of supplement (fish oil capsules, Missing Link) added to a dog food geared toward improving skin and coat.

Hatchi found his new forever home!