Meet Hattie and her new Family!

Hattie is a sweet senior who was left tied up at the overnight drop at the shelter. She was probably used as a breeder dog and since shes getting older they had no use for her anymore. It took her awhile to trust and know people are nice and she is very safe now and will always have a safe place to fall. Hattie is a sweet girl. She loves to act as a foot warmer and relax with you.

She is mellow, enjoys being talked to kindly, and having her belly rubbed. She slowly strolls on a leash. She loves to roll around on the grass and relax outside with human company. She completely ignores cats. When nose to nose with one, she is gentle and does not seem to have much interest in them. She seems fine with other dogs. Shes ok left while you’re at work. Seems fine with kids, however older kids that aren’t as jumpy around her would probably be best. She is getting use to riding in the car. She needs some TLC and someone who will make her a part of the family.

Hattie found her new forever home!