Hayward – Adopted!

This big guy is Hayward better know as Jake. He was rescued by a good Samaritan when his owner passed away and left several dogs in need of homes.

We noticed he was limping so we took him to the vet. He had a partial ACL tear that needed to be repaired. When the surgeon got in there he realized that the whole knee was out of place – this was caused by an old injury that resulted in a slightly malformed tibia bone in his rear leg. No worries – the surgeon repaired it all and Jake is on his way to recovery although he will never be a long distance runner!

Hayward/Jake is sweet, loving and a very good boy. He is fine with big and small dogs. He has nice house manners and leaves his foster’s things intact. He does not dig or chew and only barks when it’s appropriate. He is on the mellow and affectionate side.