Meet Higgins and his new Family!

Meet Higgins…….aka Leo the Lion! My foster dad calls me that because I resemble a big fluffy lion. A tame one to say the least 🙂

A bit on how I can onto the rescue. My former family had to move and the new home didn’t allow for pets! It was a heart breaker for all of us. But…the good news is I am now living in a SCGRR foster home…and I can tell you, I know there is hope ahead for me to find another happy ever after home!

You see, I am very easy to love! I am a big…88 lbs at the moment …LOVE BUG. I think most of the weight is my furry mane…but …the vet says a bit of weight loss will be kinder to my hips. I do have some hip dysplasia…of which no one can tell because I get along very well…I jump around and play with my 2 foster dogs and give my foster Mom a pull on the leash. Getting up on the couch for nightly snuggles, is never a problem. Since my vet did mention hip dysplasia, it is best that I live in a single story home for the future….and it would be ideal for me to have a pool so I can exercise and keep those hips nice and strong 🙂

Can I mention something very special to me? My stuffed mongoose! I carry him everywhere…I toss him down and lay on him and then when I am tired you usually see us cuddled together…it’s love <3

I am a good eater…not picky..have good manners, get along with everyone and everything and I will high 5!

I am just the greatest! Go ahead ask my foster mom…she will tell you….she’s in love!

Higgins found his new forever home!