Meet Holly!


Meet beautiful and the sweetest girl, Holly!!  Holly is seven years old that was relinquished to her vet who has treated her since she was a puppy.  Her family could no longer care for her due to serious personal family issues within the home.  So much so that they, obviously, were unable to care properly for this sweet girl while they had her, unfortunately, which attributed to the obese girl we have now.  We knew when we picked her up that she had thorough vet records from the vet office and, once in our care, had everything confirmed with our vet.  She is, in fact, obese with a thyroid issue that she is being successfully treated for.

Since in our rescue, she has lost 12 lbs. in about 30 days!  We have her on a monitored regimen of exercise, meds and metabolic food which is obviously and joyously working!  Because of this, we feel she is ready for her forever home.

Holly loves everyone she meets and loves to give kisses.  She is such a very gentle and kind-hearted girl who has shown no signs of nervousness or fearful behavior and absolutely no aggression, whatsoever.

She is starting to move easier and likes to go for short walks.  She gets so very excited when she sees her leash!  Her foster started her off by having her follow her around the house.  It then led to walks around the yard, to the mailbox and from house to house!   Each day Holly shows how much she wants to play and be a normal dog.  Because of her size she has many limitations, at this time.  Everyone that meets her just loves her.  The whole neighborhood cheers for Holly when they see her walking and is rooting for her which we think she feels that positive energy. Holly is low energy currently but we believe she will be medium in the future. She is a sweet, passive and loyal girl. She adores her humans and loves to be around her foster family and other dogs.  She is a typical “Golden Velcro” but not to the extreme.  Holly likes to know where you are but does not follow too much.  She’s very friendly with all dogs and shows interest in playing with them.

She loves stuffed animals and toys and lets you take them from her very easily.  She also loves to be brushed and rubbed on her back. Her former family shaved her fur throughout her life and now that it is growing out, her loving foster mommy rubs and scratches her “itchies” for her!

She eats her food well and doesn’t beg from her humans, nor does she counter surf or sniff and will take food gently from your hand.  She is house trained and does well in cars.  She will bark only if she sees the pool man in her yard.  Training should not be needed as she is an easy girl!  She likes to go outside but prefers if someone is with her and does well when left alone.  

For her forever home, we feel she would do well in any semi-active environment and one with someone strong enough to handle her larger size on walks and getting her in and out of a car.  She also requires someone with patience as she does sometimes get tired on her walks and may decide to lay down halfway through! She is great with kids of all ages and would love to have a furry friend, but not as important as having someone home with her as much as possible during the day due to her weight loss regimen and for consistency purposes. Because she was abruptly uprooted from her home along with the drastic diet change, a steady routine with a loving family would be ideal for Holly.  She simply wants to give love and be loved.  A yard is important as she enjoys rolling around and stretching in the grass.

Just as important, continuation of her exercise/diet/medication is A MUST and we will only adopt to a home that will do so.

If you feel you are the perfect home for our sweet Holly, will continue her exercise/diet/medication regimen, have someone home with her for most of the day to ensure her progress, have completed an adoption application and had your home interview, please write to her rep at to let her know how she would fit in your world.

Holly’s adoption fee is $350.


Holly’s ID #  4601