Hope, my beloved golden, passed away after a very brief illness on May 1, 2019. She was one month short of her twelfth birthday.  Hope came into our house in September 2014 to be a companion for my elderly father.  He has since passed, and Hope became my constant companion as I started my retirement.  She was a sweet girl with a gentle, happy, joyful spirit.  She was loved by everyone who knew her and she touched many lives.

She loved her walks through the Mar Vista neighborhood and made friends with so many people. She could spot a dog lover a mile away.  She would stop, look them in the eyes, smile and wag, and few could resist her happy greeting.  In her passing, many have said how special she made them feel, calling her the “Mayor of Mar Vista”.  She was certainly our goodwill ambassador.

Hope was a dog who loved her routine and knew it like clockwork.  Hope would wake me up in the morning with kisses and turn her back to me for a backrub.  Backrubs and tummy rubs were an essential feature throughout her day.  She loved her morning and evening walks, greeting dogs and people along the way, and getting a treat or a head rub from friends. During the day, she loved sitting on the backyard deck, or on the front porch, soaking up the sun and taking in the goings on of the day.  She loved children and older folks, cheese snacks and apple slices, hanging out with the dog group at the park, and visiting her favorite restaurant. And at the end of the day, she would herd me to bed, and I would thank her for her thoughtfulness and for another special day in the company of my best friend. 

It is with deepest sadness that I say goodbye to my sweet girl, but it is also with greatest gratitude to know how lucky I was that she was my puppy and I was her person for five wonderful years.  I will never forget her and will cherish the time we were together.  Rest in peace my dear girl and share your wonderful spirit in the joyful fields of puppy heaven until we meet again.