Huddy – Adopted!

Hi my name is Huddy but I go by Hudson

I came to SCGRR from China and was rescued from the dog meat trade.

My documents from China say I am 1.5 years old but the veterinarian here thinks I am about 5-6 years old because of my gums, but I had a poor diet in China so that may be why. I am super skinny and need to gain a lot of weight. I look like I have a big face on a tiny body and am currently about 54lbs. My rep says I have the weight of the world on my face but have the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy.

I have been enjoying my time with my foster family but would love a forever family. I promise you I am the most friendly, sweet, loving and loyal boy you will meet.

I can sit, shakes and I get to go on a couple walks every day. I love anyone who comes to say hello to me and I promise I will give you wet kisses with my tongue to let you know how much. I will fetch things you throw but after a couple times I am tired and am okay with you fetching it for me instead. I am house and crate trained. I currently live with two cats and am fine with them, although I like to run up to them quickly to say hello but my foster mom is working with me on that! I guess cats don’t like that and like their space. I LOVE to be around people even if it is to just take a nap! I also love to be outside and roll around on the grass and nap in the sun!

A note from my Foster Mom: “ Hudson sits, shakes and goes on a couple of walks every day. He is learning more each day how to take walks on a leash without pulling you along. He responds well when you pull him back and say “Hudson back.” After a few times, usually, by the end of the block, he has the system down and will walk alongside you nicely. He is rewarded at each corner with a treat once you say “Hudson sit!” Hudson does not bark or lunge at other dogs but does love to say hello. Once the initial greetings are done he relaxes and just wants to play. He is progressing nicely and we are very proud of his accomplishments! He will eat their food if left in his eyesight and we are working on that trust issue, (he must know that he still needs to put a few pounds on so he figures that a little cat food if you’re not looking, won’t hurt.) Hudson is a good eater, we give him Lamb and Rice dry food twice a day and in the evening add some chicken broth for flavor. Hudson likes cucumbers and apples as treats but is not too fond of carrots!!

What I would love from a forever family: *A family that understands that I might be still a puppy and act like one so will need training *A family who knows I might get into mischief is left alone. *A large yard because I have a lot of energy *A family that allows me to sleep with them, hang out with them and be a family member *A family that is active and can take me for daily walks, runs, and hikes