Hudsynn is a typical puppy! She’s skittish,  high energy, interested in everything and everyone!

She loves going to the dog park and is beginning to play with tennis balls. She loves her older foster brother and plays with him often, though she does play a little roughly.  Luckily he’s super sweet and puts up with her puppy antics. She also loves to ride in the car!

Hudsynn is not house broken, and while her foster family is working with her on it this is something her new family needs to understand and have patience with because it can take time and has to be watched continuously. Remember, if a puppy has an accident inside, it’s your fault not theirs! Hudsynn will need to be in a crate at night time until she is housebroken.

Hudsynn has lived with cats and while curious she does not
have high prey drive so they would be ok in her new home. She’s wonderful with kids as you can see in the pictures below. She knows sit, down, shake, and is learning wrong and off since she steals food and counter surfs some.

Hudsynn is going through her fear stage at the moment where everything is a little frightening so this is another area her family needs to be patient with her on and work with her to overcome those fears with positive reinforcement.
Hudsynn’s new family will need to commit to training with her and taking her to classes so she can become a good citizen. Her favourite things are horseplay with her foster brother, sitting with her people and her squeaky toy!