Jackie – Adopted!

I was the last of my litter to be rescued from a meat farm in South Korea. My mom never made it out. My siblings had a bit more fuzz on them so they know some Golden in me. One of my littermates even looks like a real Golden. Thankfully SCGRR said they could help me when KDS Passion for Compassion reached out.

When I arrived at LAX, I was pretty scared and didn’t want to come out of my crate. But then I saw the other dogs and smelled the food and knew it was ok. My first few days everything was new – the fresh grass, the sound, and sight of a television, tile floors, stairs….everything. My foster brother – who also came from South Korea – showed me how to play, have zoomies and wrestle. When I met the human kids I knew I was in a great place with kind people and didn’t even mind playing dress up. And the best part…I got to sleep with the humans!

I am the sweetest, cutest and most cuddly puppy you will ever meet. I adore belly rubs and piling up my toys. I’m curious about everything and want to learn as much as I can. I’m smart and learn quickly. I love to play but I’m not a super high energy pup. I haven’t had any accidents. I would love it best to have someone around most of the day to show me the ropes. I would ADORE having playful fur sibling to chase, romp and wrestle. I gain so much confidence from my fur pals – they’ve been showing me how to be a real dog and that the world is a happy and safe place. I would love it if they like to cuddle with me too. Kids to follow about would be awesome too but not essential. I’m curious about cats and I’m young enough that you and the cat should able to teach me how to be around them appropriately. You can see me live and in action…