Meet sweet Jaime. Jaime came to us from South Korea where she was rescued from a meat farm right before their yearly Korean dog festival began. Despite the fact that her first year and 9 months were tough ones, she is just one of the sweetest, most loving pups we have had come through this rescue! Petting her will often get you rewarded with a paw in your lap or a hug. Because she is part Golden, part Lab, she has the best qualities of both – the fun-loving goofiness of a lab, and the affectionate velcro dog of a Golden.

Jaime loves to run around the backyard, play ball, toss around her toys. She is not a low energy dog, so she will need a family where there is plenty going on, and where walks for exercise can happen at least a couple of times a day. Her foster family says she will do best if there is someone home most of the time, as she is still very much a puppy in her zest for life! If her new family has children in the home, it will be best if they are a little older so they don’t get knocked over.

Amazingly, Jaime’s house manners have been pretty good. Her foster mom said they did lose a couple books to her, but overall she leaves things alone. She did a little counter surfing the first few days, but not anymore. She is house trained well during the day, but may have an accident in the night if you let her drink as much water as she wants in the evening! Jaime needs some basic training in commands like sit, down, stay, etc – she may have known them in Korean, but her English needs some work! She loves to go for walks, so some leash training will also be beneficial.

Although she was a little nervous when she first got here, she has settled in well and is very trusting of all the new people and dogs that she meets in her home, and out on walks. (Jaime still has a little anxiousness at bedtime when the lights go out, so she may need an adjustment period with that at her new home) She gets along well with other dogs, large and small, so she would probably like one in her new home who is active and accepting of exuberant youth! We don’t know about cats.

Jaime tested positive for Heartworm several months ago in S. Korea and was successfully treated. When tested by our local veterinarian upon arrival in the states, she tested negative for heartworm.

If you have filled out an application AND HAVE HAD YOUR IN HOME INTERVIEW, please email Lori at regadog1010@gmail.com and tell me why you would be the perfect fit for Jaime.

Jaime’s ID # is 4694. Due the increased costs involved in bringing the international dogs here, which includes both travel and veterinary, the donation for Jaime is $800.