Super senior Jake is such a chill dude. At 13 years old, he is not much for taking long walks…more like long naps ~ but he does not snore!

He is a social butterfly that just likes to hang out with the family.  Jake has passed the age of chasing the ball (or any cats for that matter).  He leaves that for the younger pups. His summer cut is his usual coat.  It suits him (not many goldens look this good shaved down). Maybe it is his perpetual smile. He is just a great dog, super sweet and happy. Maybe happiness is the key to his longevity.

Jake sleeps most of the day and is house trained. Good thing because he really is an inside dog. He would be a great office companion for someone who can take their dogs to work. He stands patiently for his baths, which are quick due to his shorter coat.

His house manners are great. Forget counter-surfing, at 91 lbs he is not heaving that body up to look for extra morsels. As a matter of fact, his is a bit picky when it comes to mealtimes. He is a big dog with big feet, a sizeable speed bump. Jake is not a barker. We have not been able to determine if he is losing his hearing or if it is just selective. Nothing seems to faze him.

Jake has been fully vetted and his blood work looks great. He has just slowed down in his senior years as arthritis has crept in. Now that he is on NSAIDS, he is moving much better. Still not a fan of walks though, but he does like to wander a bit and explore. 

A one story home for Jake would be best. While he is in a home with a step here and there between rooms, it does not prevent him from being separated from his family. Jake is great with kids and loves to be with his people.

Jake is a wonderful dog that will easily fit into most homes and lifestyles. He doesn’t want to be a playmate, just companion. He will keep your secrets, won’t judge you, watch TV with you and will not complain about the selection, and will always be happy to see you.  If this sounds like the guy for you, contact cisco.7587@yahoo.com and let us know how Jake will fit into your home. You must have completed an application and a home visit before you get a chance to meet this gent.

Jake’ ID#: 4392