Jake – Adopted!

Hi my name is Jake . . . but I prefer to go by Buddy, Bud or even Budsee as my foster Mom calls me. I’m 5 1/2 and turning 6 in June. I was an owner surrender and for the past couple of years I’ve spent most of my time in the backyard alone. When I first arrived at my foster momma’s home I had the ugliest, yuckiest hot spot you can possibly imagine. But with lots of love, care and the help of the medicine I’m all healed up now.

I love to be taken to different dog parks, walked through different neighborhoods and enjoy checking out all the new scenery. My foster momma says she’s going to take me to the beach next to see if I’m a water dog. I’m super good on the leash. Before crossing the sidewalks onto the street I know how to sit and stay until she tells me it’s safe to cross. I’m also being trained to walk without the leash which I do really good most of the time until I see a human that I want to go up to for hugs. My foster mom has noticed that I’m really good with other animals as well. She’s constantly telling me I’m an angel and that makes me happy to know that I’m making her happy.

When I’m not being a shy boy I greet all humans with a hug (walk in a circle around them) and end with a kiss on their hands. This always leads to a wonderful back rub. I never bark~ not even when I’m barked at. I have two female furry pup friends that have a total crush on me, but mommy tells me I’m way too young for girlfriends. She loves to brag to the family and friends that I am a really good listener. I know how to sit, stay, lie down, come, up, and go potty. We’re working on ‘give me five’ which I have no idea what that means yet, only that she keeps reaching for my paw. I like having her teach me things.

I’ve never had a potty accident inside so she’s constantly telling me what a good boy I am. I think it’s because I give her clues that I have to go. I’ll either pant, whimper or just go to the front door & wait. I’m such a good boy that if she leaves the front door open for fresh air I never dash out. I’m really good in group settings. I have yet to act up. If anything I just make my foster mom more proud every day. When it comes to napping or bedtime I like sleeping on the floor instead of dog beds. She’s always asking me to lie down on the comfy bed she bought for me but I’m just not interested. She even folds a big comfy blanket to lie on and I will for about 5 minutes then I roll back to the floor. Don’t feel bad I just prefer it . . . scouts honor! I may even give you some sad eyes. No need to worry though it’s just my “I’m tired face”. You’ll never have to worry about me getting on the couch or counter surfing. I come with very good manners. I like dogs & kids of all ages. Have I mentioned I also know how to share my food too?

Notes from my Foster Momma:

Buddy is a total Angel and a true gem! He is everything he has stated and more. He will need a family that can be with him for most of the day. He has been left alone, but with his fur cousins to keep him company & prefers having someone around.

We believe he was diagnosed with Epilepsy, although since taking phenobarbital medication twice daily it is easily controlled & he has not had a seizure in 3 years. A recent blood test confirmed that he is on the proper dosage of meds & all is well. He takes seizure medication twice a day which is fairly inexpensive and it has a tendency to make him very, very thirsty and so he needs to relieve himself frequently.

He’s not very energetic so low impact exercise is ideal. He does run great around the dog park, then eventually comes to be with you, as you are his family. Daily walks around the neighborhood or dog parks are good. He’s learning to be a polite passenger in the car. He’s very curious, loves looking out the window and does not like to be crated in the car.

Buddy definitely needs a family that allows him to sleep in their room. He won’t go on the bed but wants to sleep right next to your side on the floor. He’s so laid back he doesn’t really care for toys or balls. Occasionally he will play tug of war and after a minute loses interest.

Funny quirks of his: He only likes to “do his business” in grass or dirt. He will only go on concrete if necessary. And he likes to hang out under things: a table, a chair, peoples legs, etc., Not sure why maybe he feels secure with something over his head.