Meet Jakey!

Jakey is a 12 on a scale of 1-10! Mr. Handsome is a playful, good-natured pup. He will charm you with his blissful smile, precious facial expressions, and gorgeous feathery tail. He came into the rescue when a 1st-time dog owner rescued him did not realize the care & training needed for a puppy.

Since then Jakey has made a lot of progress. He still has the curious untrained puppy personality that needs positive correction & discipline & continued training. He loves to please you and learns quickly. He knows basic commands; sit, shake, down, no, working on stay, get busy & when he decides to hear you…”Come” – his recall is with exuberance.

He is a major counter surfer & has found delicacies a few times, emptying dog biscuit bowls or food plates with talent & not damaging the containers. He also seeks out tissues & socks, but anything that shouldn’t be in his mouth can easily be removed.

Jakey enjoys watching birds outside, playing with his toys, tug of war, and catch- although returning is still in need of work. His true enjoyment is Racing-Jumping-Tumbling-repeat with a canine sibling of the same age and/or energy level. It is a pure joy just to watch them play. Also when he gets excited & playful, part of his “puppy-ness” is that he still has a tendency to jump up & hug you & get mouthy. So we would like a family that has kids over 10 so not to get knocked over or frightened by his mouth on your arm.

Jakey enjoys car rides, gets in & out very easily & rides very well in the car. He walks well on a no pull harness until he sees a cat, bunny or anything that ‘runs’. So absolutely NO cats! We tried him for 5 days with cats; he never gave up trying to get to them. His is a big barker, with a deep growling bark and a ridge of hair along his back that stands straight up. He is friendly but can be skeptical of strangers, especially men. Once he knows you, he remembers you & he’s your bestie and can be a Velcro dog. He startles easily @ loud noises, cars, trucks, or construction site (with workers) He still needs a lot of socialization to let him know that all these things are just part of the outside world.

His foster takes him on a 2.5-mile walk with a .5 run included & that is a lovely way to start his day. Jake is housebroken & sleeps well through the night if he’s had enough exercise to calm him. He hopes to be invited on the bed with you but is also content sleeping in his crate and will often freely walk into it with the door open.

Jake does have a touch of separation anxiety; he barks unhappily but will settle down after a while. He has been left loose in the house (with another canine) for up to 2.5 hours with no issues.

Jakey does well with bathing, although he has been around 2 pools & he doesn’t seem to find them interesting enough to investigate. And he hasn’t been to the beach so we don’t know if he is a water dog- yet.

We really think Jakey would be happiest with a large yard & a playful canine sibling & having a stable home life where someone who can spend time with him, give him lots of attention & continue his training.

If you feel that Jakey is the dog for your family and you have completed both your application & In-Home Interview, Jakey would like to hear from you. Please contact

Jakey’s adoption fee is $600.00