Jakey – Adopted!

Meet Jakey, a 7.5 yr old Golden/Husky mix who loves other dogs, humans, kids…you name it. As Jakey has been with us for about a month, we are thinking he would like a quieter, calmer home (much like his foster home he is so happy in).

Jakey is shy and sensitive and smart. An all-adult home is best, eventhough Jakey loves little kids. Another dog is fine as Jakey gets along with all types and is submissive. He loves to play and wrestle with his foster sister but Jakey lived as an only-dog for the first 6 years of his life. He wants a human(s) he can follow and who will snuggle and dote on him and accept his shyness. This is most important. Jakey is shy upon meeting new adult humans. He is accepting of small children immediately. We feel that a home that doesn’t throw lots of parties, or has lots of unfamiliar visitors would be best for Jakey. He likes humans.it just takes him a little longer than most Golden personality dogs to trust that they are not going to hurt him.

Jakey likes to give his humans little kisses once he is comfortable with them. Giving Jakey treats helps him trust a little quicker. And Jakey likes to cuddle. Jakey loves his walks – he gets so very excited when you tell him “let’s go for a walk”. He loves car rides (he used to go with his Mom on cross-country trips). He is in good shape, so if you are a hiker Jakey will keep up with you. While he walks next to you he gets excited when other dogs approach and wants to greet them. He is strong, so an Easy-Walk-Harness would be a good idea.

Jakey has perfect house manners. Jakey typically sleeps in his own bed but would love to cuddle on the floor or on the couch with his human. He loves to be brushed (and needs it due to his Husky fur.)