Meet Jambo – Adoption Pending

UPDATE: 3/26/19 Jambo was dealt a tough hand in life and was found in a SoCal shelter. He has an auto immune condition called Masticatory Muscle Myositis (MMM) where antibodies attack the muscles in his head and jaw. It gives him a cute and distinctive look with his temporal lobes a bit sunken in. It is a condition that will need to be managed for his life with prednisone and other therapies. It has affected his jaw mobility only slightly and with the initiation of his steroid therapy, we expect to see stabilization and some improvement. He has no problem eating whatsoever or chewing on antlers!

Jambo had quite a bit of anxiety and insecurity upon his arrival. His rehabilitation has been slow and careful. He worked with a trainer for over a month on basic commands and manners such as sit, down, go to your bed, stay on your bed, go to your crate, don’t pull. His foster home has continued to work with him on these and has added “stay out of the kitchen” as well as improved dog introduction skills. He is incredibly smart, affectionate and a quick learner.

We are looking for a special, experienced person who will be patient with Jambo, earn his trust, respect and continue to work with him. He has transformed amazingly from his arrival but still has issues to work through. Support from a behaviorist or trainer with positive techniques is important early in your relationship. Jambo responds best to a confident, gentle but firm person. He requires structure, rules and training. He respects males more than females but did have a great relationship with a female trainer that worked with him for a time. As such, he will need an experienced family and a quiet household without too many people to relate to in the home. The primary “person” should be home quite a bit as he is very Velcro.

Jambo thinks of his crate as a safe and calm place. He will need someone committed to continuing to use that tool – both at night for sleeping and as break times during the day. He has been trained to a rubber basket muzzle for safety at the vet, with new people or in busy social environments. In several situations, Jambo has showed some aggression. This is typically when testing his relationship with a “new” person, when food or a high value item is in play, when reaching for his collar, or when he decides he is tired of affection – especially if allowed on the sofa.

Once he is settled with his person, Jambo is mostly a typical Velcro Golden that adores people, belly rubs and snuggles. After a few accidents initially, Jambo has proven himself housebroken. He is a gorgeous pure bred young golden. He loves to ride in the car, knows how to run beside a bike and has been on short 1 mile runs with his foster dad. A solid exercise regime has helped him release nervous energy. He doesn’t really know how to play or want to play much except maybe cuddling with a soft toy. He does love his elk antlers and food and has come so far in letting his foster dad take these from him which was an issue on day 1.

Initially Jambo was reactive to other dogs but we believe it was fear or sheer cluelessness. He has become more socialized – happy to be at the dog beach, walking with other dogs and even has made a new best friend. He still doesn’t know how to play with them. We think with a skillful human, a balanced and confident canine sibling might be very good for Jambo. His BFF is an in-your-face alpha queen and he does fine with her.

One thing of note is that the prednisone needed to manage Jambo’s medical condition can also create more behavior issues. His foster has had success using CBD treats and oil to help counteract some of the effects of the medicine and calm him a bit. If you are open to looking at holistic strategies for Jambo, those might be beneficial as well.

If you are a patient, confident and experienced owner willing to work with SCGRR to give Jambo what he needs, please contact Nedra at Please remember to have completed your adoption application.

As a roughly 2 year old Golden, Jambo’s adoption fee will be $500.

Jambo’s ID 4661