Meet Jambo!

Jambo was found as a stray and landed in the shelter with a variety of viruses in his system and a bad case of pneumonia. He is a gorgeous pure bred young golden that adores people, belly rubs and snuggles. He has a ton of energy now that he is feeling better. He would do best with an experienced dog family in a quiet neighborhood with access to a yard and no kids or other pets. One of the family members should be home quite a bit as he is very Velcro. Physical strength is also important as he pulls and lunges on leash at the moment.

Jambo was dealt a tough hand in life. He has an auto immune condition called Masticatory Muscle Myositis where antibodies attack the muscles in his head and jaw. It gives him a cute and distinctive look with his temporal lobes a bit sunken in. It is a condition that will need to be managed for his life with steroids and other therapies. SCGRR will be working with his adopter to initiate his therapy.

Jambo still needs quite a bit of training as a young pup from the streets. He counter surfs, is possessive about his food, pulls on leash, has NO idea how to meet other dogs. He also has exhibited some anxiety but his crate is a safe and calm place that gives him some relief – especially at night or when his people are away. As long as he has his crate in those instances, he sleeps like a baby.

If you are a patient and experienced pup owner willing to work with SCGRR to give Jambo what he needs, have completed your application and home visit with SCGRR, please contact Nedra at

Jambo’s ID # 4661