James Bond 007 – Adopted!

The best Bond yet..like his predecessors, our 007 is tall and dashing, infatuating everyone he meets.

In his short years, Bond has experienced a variety of living arrangements and has adapted quite well. Always on his best behavior, Bond is house trained, great with kids, other canines, and those of the feline persuasion. James loves the water, walks, and social galas. Always the gentleman, he puts his best foot forward.

Our James Bond has been diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. He is completely asymptomatic, but it is severe. X-rays show only minimal degenerative change and that both stifles appear normal. It is genetic and our veterinarians concur that no treatment is necessary at this time. Given he is lean and athletic, a supplement is recommended until future treatment is required. Who knows what the future holds for him but many goldens (and other large breed dogs) are afflicted with a varying degree of dysplasia and resulting arthritis in their senior years. At this time, Bond is as energetic as his years suggest, bounding in and out of the car (and pool) in grand 007 fashion.