Hi my name is Janson. I am a super sweet 1.5 year old boy.

Although I need my daily playtime, since I am still a kid, I do enjoy some snuggle time. I love to snuggle with you or keep you feet warm. I love to go out with you for a ride in the car or to keep you company at restaurants….I won’t beg for food, but just lie under the table. Everyone comments what a good boy I am when I go out with my foster mom.

I get a bit over whelmed and can get rough with toys when around other dogs. So I think a one dog house would be best, but with playdates for sure. I also like to chase cats, my foster mom won’t let me catch one of hers and leaves a pesky gate between us, so cats wouldn’t be a great choice for me to have in my new home.

Since I can get energy bursts and can get rough in sharing toys- older kids (10+) may be best- I may confuse stuffed animals as my own toys.

I am fully housebroken. I would love to have someone home a lot because I still am young and have a lot to learn. I really could benefit from some extra training.