Meet Jaxx! Currently on hold and in rehab!

ON HOLD / IN REHAB…but still searching for the right family!!! Sorry, Jaxx is in rehab until late November with TheZenDog. We are working on some impulse control and fear/aggression behaviors that presented themselves. We appreciate your interest in adopting him. If your family is willing to work with fear-aggression behavior modification with a trainer, and follow a protocol SCGRRescue is setting up, please read on. Then, please inquire with his Representative, whose email is at the bottom of the bio.

Jaxx is having a blast with his foster family and all the dogs to play with daily, but we’re working on some of his manners and he needs a few more weeks to have a professional protocol. Please check back late October for update and availability.
Please meet Jaxx, a 1.5-year-old male Golden turned into the Baldwin Park Shelter. We are looking for a very dog savvy, patient people to reinforce his good manners, love him, be kind and gentle with him, take him on adventures and most importantly slowly earn his trust.  Jaxx is very happy in his foster home, loving all the attention and learning life isn’t so scary.

Jaxx loves other nice dogs – he’s quite respectful, wants to play and wrestle, will fetch a ball endlessly. Jaxx wants one more dog in his home, preferably the same size/age range so he can be equally matched in play. NO CHILDREN under 16

  • He is pretty well mannered in the house and walks well on leash
  • He currently  likes to explore what’s up on the counters
  • Loves to be outside and explore
  • He cannot be around alpha dogs, they gang up on him and scare him
  • He should have a pool – he loves water and chasing the hose also (a bit of an obsession of his) or live by the ocean (he loves the ocean)
  • ALL ADULT HOME, dog-savvy, understanding dog-behavioral issues like fear aggression, food-resource guarding, and bite triggers. We would like Jaxx to continue behavior modification work under the supervision of an animal behaviorist.
  • A quiet but active home is preferred. Not a lot of visitors, as Jaxx gets scared of new people and it takes patience (or other friendly dogs) to give him the courage to meet new people.
  • We now understand more about Jaxx and his specific bite triggers and will go into detail with the family who is chosen to adopt him.

If you are an adult only home, with another dog, and have experience over the years with behavior issues, and are willing to love, protect him, and show a dog life is not so scary…then you could be the forever home for this loving dog. Please email Jaxx Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue representative at

Jaxx is 1.5 yrs old and his adoption fee if $500.

Jaxx’s ID# 4581