Jenny came into Rescue with her son or brother Forrest but we found that they would be better off being adopted out separately. Jenny found an amazing home and mom!


Update 1/7/19: We took our first road trip to AZ over Thanksgiving and she did amazingly! She’s so much fun! She’s catching balls and playing catch as well as tearing apart her favorite plushies. I’ll come home some days and it will look like a stuffing massacre happened!  I can’t thank you enough for picking me to be her Mama! She has brought so much joy to my life already and so many others that she meets! She is such a Mama’s girl that’s for sure. Where I go, she goes. We both just love her to pieces though and I can;t wait to see how she continue to progress! I forget sometimes that it’s only been 2 months! She has blossomed so much already”