Update September 30, 2019:

Jetson has been going to the vet every 10-14 days for a re-check and splint/bandage change. Each time he gets a different color cast, which is a visual mark of his progression. His first cast was pink (as indicated in the initial photo). By the time he went for this first recheck, he was getting around by dragging his rear everywhere his brain wanted to go. 

After the splint change, Jetson was given the okay to start standing up. The  orange cast/splint taking all of his weight, he was able to move around a bit more but was not putting any pressure on the right side, which is the femur break. There is no cast on that side (impossible) as it is near the hip, but Jetson is learning to navigate with his limitations.

Donated yoga mats gave him more traction now that he was given the green light to move around a bit, and are much easier in the clean-up process.  As his strength and stability improved, his foster family graduated to carrying him outside to eliminate. He was still not allowed to walk, but at least he is progressing to using outdoors for potty breaks.

Jetson’s most recent visit was on 9/12/19 where he was given a blue cast.

He has been given the green light to take short walks just out to go potty. Sometimes his is carried out for stability purposes then allowed to walk about on the lawn. Only short walks until the next recheck as his cast is unstable, but oh…freedom!


He is a Velcro pup and has been given supervised access within the home so he can be with his foster family whenever he wants.

Click here to see how happy he is to have freedom around the house.

Jetson is starting to really act like the puppy he is so his foster has been using CBD oil instead of sedatives for calming. Jetson spends his time snuggling with the kids, watching TV, and listening to them practicing the piano.

Jetson’s vet bills are hovering at $21,280. If you wish to donate to his care and rehabilitation, you may do so through GoFundMe or select the yellow DONATE NOW button on the right. Thank you for supporting our rescue efforts.


Jetson’s Journey

Meet Jetson, a rambunctious 11 month old, pretty perfect golden. Not confined in a seat restraint, he bolted out of the car, ran across the street and was hit by a SUV, twice.

Rushed to the hospital, his owners called asking if we would take him, assume veterinary costs, and save his life.

What makes this pup so extra special? Despite the excruciating pain he was in, his golden spirit shone through all of the handling, transport and examination. Alert, curious, sweet, we could not give up on this boy.

Upon examination and x-rays, we discovered that the muscle wall herniated upward and the abdominal contents were pushing against one lung.  Jetson also has multiple breaks to the pelvis and both of his rear legs.

Our first priority was to stop any internal bleeding.  Jetson survived the major hernia surgery yesterday and is recovering but not out of the woods yet.  His organs are back in a better position and seemingly intact. The tear in the abdominal wall was large but repairable.

Once he is stable and able to move, he will be transported to an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation and a surgical plan.  

To read his entire story, click here to visit Jetson’s GoFundMe page.

August 5, 2019: Jetson’s tibia surgery yesterday went well.  They were able to put that back together “perfectly” – a quote from the doc.

The femoral fracture is really bad, a surgery that will take hours, even for Dr. Schulman.  

There is a lot of edema and swelling in the limb as Jetson had been mostly laying on that side.  He has now been rotated, weight bearing on the right side. There really is no comfortable way to maneuver him do to the extensive nature of his injustices.

Additionally, he may have a sacral fracture on the left.  Making things more complicated for this poor pup is the fact that he has eight lumbar vertebrae. Most dogs have only seven. The sacral fracture has a chance to heal on its own but may need surgery which cannot be done at the time at the same time as the femur repair. Surgery will be more difficult than a straightforward fracture repair and there is a risk of neurological damage.

Jetson has been switched to different pain medication to determine if what they are seeing is a result of the medication or a neurological issue.  He will be monitored the next couple of days.

There is some nerve response at the hip and they will be monitoring for response at his knees and toes. If the nerves are okay, surgical repair is the next step.  If not, then an amputation may be a consideration.

August 12, 2019: Jetson had his femur reconstructed on 8/7. The surgery took over 3 hours but he is recuperating. 

follow up x-rays show internally, things are gravitating where they need to be since his first surgery.


Before………………………………………………and after

His foster mom went to visit and says he is full of puppy silliness (and lots of tail wags and kisses) despite everything he has been through. We are hoping he will be able to go home tomorrow.


August 17, 2019:  Jetson is settling into his amazing foster home. Yoga mats have been added to give him more traction and prevent slipping. His new orange splint makes him look like he’s dragging a carrot around. He spends his time snuggling and watching TV or listening to the kids practice the piano next to his pen. The biggest challenge is keeping him clean as he can’t really get up and “go” on his own. HUGE kuddos to his foster family for their commitment.