JFK – Adopted!

This adorable fluff ball is JFK – or Jon-Jon as his foster family calls him.

Jon-Jon’s mom is a pure bred Golden Retriever. His dad…well we don’t know. His brothers (including Jefferson) all look like flat coated retrievers or Newfoundland mixes. The vet thinks he will top out at about 50-60 pounds – a medium sized dog.

Jon-Jon is just about 12 weeks old. He does all the stuff puppies like to do – play, eat, sleep and chew! He is working on his housetraining and most of the time successfully goes potty in the dog run as opposed to the house. He is almost there but needs to be watched for his signals so that you can take him out to the appropriate place.

Right now his routine is sleep through the night in his crate till 6:30am when it’s time to go out to potty. Then breakfast, a quick play session with Jefferson and back to sleep. He gets up about 8 to play some more and then a nap. Lunch is at 1pm with more play time and naps and then dinner at 6. Playtime ends about 8pm and then it sleepy time in his crate for the night. His brother Jefferson is always with him and it will be sad to see them part but that’s just the way it is with puppies.

His new home should have someone there most if not all of the time. You can see his routine requires a lot of attention. This of course will ease up over time but right now he is such a little guy that we want someone with him most of the time.

He would love a big fur-brother or sister or would be fine as an only dog. He is very cuddley and affectionate but he has very sharp little puppy teeth so young children will not be a good fit for him. He is very smart and will look into your eyes when you speak to him – he tries to please you and understand your every word.