Meet Joan Jett and her new Family!

This little Rock Star is Joan Jett, our resident flat-coated retriever. She is amazing! Very sweet and gentle, JJ is great with everyone. She is a happy girl that just wants to please you. Her foster mom says she minds and is very well behaved. JJ is very smart and would excel with some structured training. Her temperament is simply wonderful and all ‘Golden’. She is housebroken, quiet, loves to be brushed ~ with bonus belly rubs, of course! JJ loves her walks and has wonderful leash manners. Road trips are always a treat because she rides so well in the car and is always up for an adventure. Her favorite past-times are chasing the ball, playing with her foster sister, running errands with her foster peeps, and snoozing. She makes an excellent foot warmer and you know that black goes with everything!

Joan Jett found her new forever home!