Meet Johnny Walker – Adopted!

Meet Johnnie Walker! He’s an energetic, 3 year old male, who’s been through a rough few months and is very excited to be back on top of his game these days! At the end of February, he was picked up by animal control in the south bay region of San Diego. His was cut open from his chest to his abdomen, potentially from trying to get over a fence. While he was roaming stray it had become very infected and developed a large abscess.  The shelter removed the necrotic tissue the best they could and inserted three drains which remained for almost a week. Treatment there consisted of debriding and hot packing the wound, and applying Silvadene (a cream used to prevent and treat wound infections in patients with second- and third-degree burns). When no one came to claim him from the shelter, SCGRR stepped in and transported him to Los Angeles.