Jolie is a very gentle and affectionate dog who is as pretty as she is sweet.

She is eager to please, very smart and knows her basic commands. She is great with kids and good with cats.

Her likes: playing with the hose/sprinkler, her walks/runs, laser pointers, car rides, having her chest or chin rubbed… but most of all she loves being with her humans.

Her dislikes: being away from her humans and being left alone too long, even in the company of another dog. She really misses her people when they’re gone and will be incredibly excited when they return. For this reason we feel she might do best with a family where she isn’t left alone all day.

She enjoys playing with other dogs, but despite her age she is not all boundless puppy energy. She is the epitome of the velcro dog and will follow her human from room to room until she feels secure that you are not going to leave her. That said, she still wants to know where you are and will scour the house til she finds you, getting as close as possible when she does.