My real name is Holly and I am a special golden girl with a very special story.

My brother and I came into rescue together almost a year ago, just before Christmas after being dropped off at the shelter by our people. You see, we both have congenital heart deficiencies. Well you know how cold and flu season can be…I managed to get sick at the shelter so when our SCGRR Angels came to get us, we were split up. He found his forever home quickly but they wanted to make sure I was given the “all clear” before I went off to mine. Who knew it would take so long? Not to worry, I have been loved by the most amazing foster family ever and have been having the time of my life!

Now I bet you are wondering what is so very special about my heart aside being made of pure gold. OK, here goes…I was initially diagnosed with “suspect infective endocarditis of the aortic valve; mild subaortic stenosis and mild aortic insufficiency.” Wow…a mouthful, I know BUT I got lucky. You see, my SCGRR Angels took me to the best doc at UCDavis Veterinary Hospital for treatment. Now that my treatment protocol has been completed AND I am not displaying any clinical signs of heart disease I have been given 4 big paws up to start looking for my forever family. That does not mean I am cured…oh no, it means that I am healthy overall, I just have a hitch in my heart and no one knows how long I will be around. But that is life though, huh? No one ever really knows…..

I’m a pretty mellow girl after my mini-session of the crazy zoomies around the yard first thing in the morning. I usually get a couple of 20 minute walks a day and am very good about regulating my exercise. I am such a social butterfly and stop and say “Hi!” to everyone I meet. I like to go to the beach and the park, and ride very well in the car. I prefer the adoration of my humans over canine companionship and love to have my people around. Movie night, snuggling on the sofa, sleepovers with the kiddos, trips to Starbucks, I just want to be included in everything. I have been told I can be a bit stubborn so I still need a bit of work on some manners. Apparently being a part of everything does not include taking what you want off the counter, and just because my people buy a few new plants at Lowes does not give me creative license to re-landscape the back yard.