Meet Jordan and his new Family!

Meet Jordan, our gorgeous special 5 yr old hunk-a-love looking for a calm, only-dog family.
We require an experienced adopter, willing to continue with Jordan’s behavior modification training for mild resource guarding. You see, Jordan is a quiet, timid boy, ready to love and cuddle, but sometimes not wanting to share his space or raw-hide bone with another dog.
It takes Jordan time to trust humans and other dogs – his new family must be willing to accept him for these qualities, and help him using positive motivation techniques to ease him into situations that are presented. Ultimately, Jordan will feel safe and secure with his new family for the rest of his life.

No cats! No small children (preferable an adult-only home). No dogs parks (most likely).
What Jordan does want: walks, cuddles, to follow you everywhere, to play with his squeaky toys and de-stuff them, to chew on his bones, to play fetch, to give you his paw and respond to “sit’, “down”, “wait”. He loves to run around the house with something in his mouth, especially his leash when he’s ready to go for a walk. When he wants to play and roll, he gets a little “mouthy”, but is gentle.

He loves car rides, but is afraid of the windows. He sometimes barks at other dogs, but redirecting him is easy. He will not give you sloppy dog kissed, but always gives his “paw of love”. He will be your “shadow”, needing your touch and reassurance. He will probably want an open-ended credit card to the nearest Petco or Red Barn so he can replace all the toys he destroys…especially the squeaky ones.

Jordan found his new forever home!