Meet Joren and his new Family!

Meet Joren, a 4 year old boy who is frequently complimented on his ‘movie star’ looks – even with his summer shave! He has a calm disposition, and is very regal and gentle, a quick learner, house-trained, crate-trained, knows the dog door, knows basic commands, is not destructive in the home, and isn’t a “barker.” His favorite pastime is hanging out with his foster mom – on the couch or at her feet – always by her side and watching her intently with his beautiful big brown eyes. He loves going on walks or playing ball but he doesn’t really get into playing with his foster brothers and is not tolerant of excitable hyper dogs. He would do best as an only dog, or in a house with an older submissive dog.

He’s calm as can be in settings such as vet’s offices with leashed dogs of all energy levels as well as cats in carriers, but it will take some training and practice before exposing him to off-leash settings like a dog park. He will chase a cat that runs, so a home without a cat would be best. He doesn’t like fireworks or lawnmowers but is fine with the vacuum. He walks well on leash, but pulls a little sometimes so he needs a handler that can manage 80 pounds of muscle. Looking for a home on the quieter side with older kids (12+).

Joren found his new forever home!