Meet Junah & Cheeto and their new Family!

Hi there, we are a bonded pair. We are brother and sister. We are 16 month full of energy dogs. We are still very much puppies. We are very attached to each other. Junah always looks to her brother for reassurance. When we first came to our fosters we were not even sure how to play with a tennis ball. Now Junah loves to chase the ball and carry it around to show you. We have not had a lot of training yet and really could use it.

In fact the only command we really know is sit. We get very jumpy and excited around little kids, so kids over 10 would be best. We like other dogs and cats. Because we are young and full of energy someone that is home a lot would be best. We haven’t shown that we are big chewers but our foster mom is home alot to work with us. We are lap dogs for sure. Even though we are big we think we belong in your lap. We are a little skittish at first but warm up fairly quickly.

Junah & Cheeto found their new forever home!