Kahlua – Adopted!

Meet Kailua, nee Rose, a carefree, snuggly pup from Korea. When we first met Rose we were pleasantly surprised to see that she was not underfed and had no medical issues as we see in other dogs from the area. It appears as if she was well taken care of physically but with little indoor skills and very little training. However, she has blossomed since she has been in her foster home

Rose is very laid back and has no trouble sitting outside by her self and enjoying the view. In fact, one of her favorite pastimes is sitting in the cool dirt of the flower bed or in the grass at the park. When inside, she enjoys walking around with a stuffed toy in her mouth and likes to give it a shake or two. Rose also likes to snuggle up right beside you on the couch. Rose’s other favorite activity is wrestling with her Korean playmate who is also at her fosters’ house. They love to play-fight and Rose is usually the instigator.

Her foster has been working with her on leash training but she can certainly use some additional lessons. She will pull until she’s almost choking so we’ve found that she works better in a harness with a front and back clip. She’s very strong even though she has much shorter legs than her foster playmate. Rose has knowledge of some basic commands but needs additional work.

Even though Rose is approximately 5 years old, she was not potty trained when she arrived. She has made great strides in this area and works well if her inside space is limited until she can get a firm grasp of what is required of her. She definitely aims to please. She could be left alone for a few hours at a time either in a safe, shaded outdoor space or inside in a confined area. She is also crate trained.

Rose is medium energy and loves to get out for a trip to the park and a ride in the car. She’s very social with humans and dogs and appears to get along with all types of both. She will play ball if someone else is playing too but her she’s very happy just walking around and giving everything a sniff. Rose would be great with kids but we don’t know if cats are her thing.

Rose is not food aggressive and therefore must have had a regular supply of food in her past life. She’s actually a few pounds overweight, which is odd because the fella she arrived with is food starved and underweight. She takes food and treats very easily and you can take them away from her and she’s okay with that too. Easy going gal.