Hi! I’m Karamel! I was someone’s household pup once but they didn’t want me anymore I guess, so I found myself wandering the streets of one of the oldest cities in the world – Istanbul! I was lucky enough to make it to the U.S. where I have been staying with my wonderful foster family…Haroon, Aydin, Mika and Rashda …and my furry foster sisters, Bella and Toffee.

I am about 4 years old and I’m full of love and life! I am very energetic and I love companionship! In the time I’ve been with my foster family I’ve learned very quickly about the ins and outs of being a home dog again. I have yet to master all the rules, but I’m very obedient and smart and I listen to the do’s and dont’s. I have also been working on putting on some weight that I lost while roaming the streets of Istanbul.

Did I mention that I am very obedient and smart? I’m very family-friendly, but I DO get excited sometimes and I am energetic, so children that are younger than ten might get bumped around and I wouldn’t want that. I’m looking for a home where my excitement won’t cause any issues with small children, and preferably one with another dog as I especially enjoy playing with my three-year old furry foster sis, Bella. I love playing tug-of-war and running around the back yard every chance I get! I am very alert and don’t bark much but sometimes I get into a barking conversation with the neighbor’s dog (when he barks at me first!).

I love to sleep in the bed with my foster sisters when they let me, but I know that they need their space too so when they ask, I’m happy to sleep on my own bed on the floor next to them. I’m warning you though, when I hear the alarm in the morning I will jump up and give you plenty of kisses so you can start your day off right! I haven’t mastered the whole “leash” thing yet because it is kinda new to me, but I love walks and of course I am very curious about what is outside, especially now that I have a place to go inside whenever I want.

I’m pretty much potty trained thanks to my foster family but could use a few reminders since I have lived outside for so long. I go out in the backyard before bed and then I get to go out in the morning right when I wake up, so I’m quickly learning. I’m very loving and I’m looking for my forever home where I can snuggle, watch TV, run, play, love, and be loved back.

If you feel you can provide a great forever home for me, have completed an application and have had an in-home interview, please write to my rep at adoptdontshop066@gmail.com and let him know how you would love me forever.

Since I am a world traveling international doggo, my minimum adoption donation is $1500.

Karamel’s ID# 4748