Let me introduce to you to the sweet and beautiful Kate.

Kate is a 9 year old golden that just adores people. She loves kids and gets along great with other animals as well, whether they are dogs or cats. She loves to hang out by your feet or sit with you outside. She just wants to hang out with people and be loved.

She absolutely loves her toys. Whenever someone comes through the door she always greets them with a toy in her mouth. Her toys are like her security blanket. They tend to go wherever she goes. She even tends to fall asleep with one in her mouth.

The only time she quickly drops her toy is when she sees you grab her leash. She LOVES going for walks. She is wonderful on her leash. She doesn’t pull and if she stops to smell something, a gentle tug and calling her name moves her along very quickly.

She is an absolute darling. She doesn’t chew on anything but her toys and is not a garbage digger. I never have to worry about her getting into something while I am out running errands. She is never crated and she does marvelous.

She is completely house trained and sleeps the entire night. No midnight bathroom breaks needed for her. I honestly don’t have a single bad thing to say about this splendid girl. She would make a great addition to any family and is longing to have a forever family that she can share her love with.