Meet Katrina and her new Family!

Meet 4 year old Katrina.

This adorable girl is the type of dog that wags her whole back-end, she is so excited to see you. Katina has good house manners and is potty-trained. She is pretty
good on the leash. Katrina is good with other dogs, and loves to play all day with her foster brother, a Lab mix named Skippy. She would be happiest in a home with another similar sized dog with energy to play. We think that kids over 10 would be okay. We don’t know about cats. Katrina has been left home alone for a few hours with her foster brother and has left her foster’s belonging intact. But she really doesn’t want to be without human companionship for too long.

She is so affectionate and she is the ultimate snuggle-bug with people. She would probably want to curl up in your lap if she could fit.

Katrina found her new forever home!