Meet Kayden – Adopted!

Meet sweet Kaydee, a young girl waiting for her furever home!

She has had a rough time of it, but after some love and care from her foster family, she is ready to find a family of her own. She came to rescue in pretty bad condition, weighing only 26 pounds, and with patchy fur and a skin condition.  After 3 months of treatment she is happy and healthy! She will need a bit of continued treatment, but she is doing great and can’t wait to meet her new family!

Kaydee is about 11 months old, so she still has a lot of puppy energy. She loves to go for walks, twice a day if possible, to work off some of her endless energy. She likes chew toys, but tends to destroy them pretty quickly, and she loves her nylabone. And she loves, loves, loves to chase tennis balls! She will even throw it and chase it by herself if you’re too busy!

She likes to go for rides in the car, and hops in and out by herself, ready to go wherever you take her. She will sit for treats, and is working on learning other commands like come and stay. Kaydee likes to play with her foster brother, and likes other dogs she meets, big or small. She would love to have a canine brother or sister to play with every day.

She is learning to walk on her leash, but still pulls quite a bit, so she will need some continued training. She gets along with her foster family’s cats, but she does think that chasing them up and down the stairs is a fun game, so dog savvy cats are probably best.

Kaydee does show some shyness and fear around certain men, and we’re not quite sure why. She is a bit afraid of her foster dad, she has never shown any aggression, only barking at him and backing away, but with some calm reassurance she is slowly coming around. For this reason, her new family will need to show Kaydee lots of patience and understanding.

Because of her high energy level, young children may get knocked down, so older kids are probably best for Kaydee. Kaydee is completely housebroken, she has never had an accident in her fosters house, and will bark to let you know it’s time to go out to do her business. She can be left home alone for a few hours, and just sleeps and hangs out with her foster brother. She has not done any damage in the house, and is not a chewer or a digger. There have been some issues with a sandwich left unattended on the kitchen counter, but girls can’t be perfect all the time, and it just smelled so delicious! Kaydee’s foster family is helping her learn to wait patiently for some treats of her own.