Meet Keeper (aka Reilly) and his new Family!

Keeper (Reilly) is one of the sweetest dogs and totally owns the Velcro image. He loves his humans and wants only to be with them to love and be loved. He will gladly do this 24/7.
He loves to play ball. He behaves himself during feeding time and waits his turn. He walks on the leash like a dream. No pulling. He does counter surf and table surf if there is something interesting left out.

He is living with 3 foster brothers and sisters and is great with them. He has not been cat tested but he is such a lovebug he may easily accept them into his life. He loves kids and really wants one or two in his life. And he certainly would love to be their cuddlebug at night. And he gives you the saddest face if you ask him to get out of your bed. He loves to let you know how happy he is to see you and that he missed you. I think he will be a real “talker” once he gets his furever family. And there is nothing like a golden that can hold a conversation with you.

He loves to play ball (did we say that??????) He had never been in a pool but seems to really love the water so if you have a pool or live near water that would be great!

Keeper (aka Reilly) found his new forever home!