Kemba! – Adopted

Kemba was picked up by animal control as a stray, accompanied by a small black puppy who we presumed to be hers, as they appeared bonded at the shelter and she was quite protective of him. Some other family got the puppy, and we got mom.

Kemba was scrawny and flea ridden, double ear infection, with dry flaky skin with missing patches of fur due her flea allergy. She was filthy, she smelled, and was very itchy and uncomfortable. She was also very subdued, seeming almost depressed, when she went to her foster family. Forward two weeks now: Her skin is much improved, her infections are gone, and she is definitely feeling much better. She is a good houseguest-she is potty trained, non destructive in the home, and is obedient and calm. She is medium energy-she is happy with her daily walks, and her leash manners are pretty good. She rides well in the car, especially if she has a human she can lean into or onto in the back seat with her. She shows very little interest in the back yard pool

Kemba has had a seemingly difficult life, judging from her premature sugar face and her poor condition when found. Kemba needs lots of love and attention-she is just now starting to feel somewhat more secure, and realizing that nothing horrible is going to be happening to her. Like most goldens, she wants to always be with her humans, by their side, at their feet, inside or out.

Currently, she is living with an older female golden, and while they have gotten along well during her stay, Kemba can be reluctant to share high value items with her-treats, toys, and humans. Like many dogs who have not had much in life, once they actually get something, they can be loathe to share it. She is in that stage now-quite often, as I mentioned above, once the supply of those high value items becomes a lot more secure and steady to her, that behavior often tends to go away.

Kemba would love a home where she has her own humans-she is starved for attention and love. If you are looking for a dog as a buddy to your current pooch, she is not that dog-she could co-exist, but we do not think would become his/her new BFF. She is much more of a human’s dog-she wants nothing more in life than to be with her human(s). While she would prefer her human family to be around all the time (which dog wouldn’t?) her foster mom hasn’t noticed her having any separation anxiety when left alone. She is currently living with a few teenagers, is very affectionate, loving, gentle and sweet with them, and would probably be okay with even younger kids. Cats are an unknown, as she has not met any while in our care.

If you would like to give Kemba her new forever home, please contact her rep at

At around 5 years of age, the minimum donation for Kemba is $400.

Kemba’s ID is: 4650