Kendall – Adopted!

Many of us wish that dogs could talk, if only for a moment.  We really wish Kendall could tell us how such a sweet girl ended up at an animal shelter.  Because she was a stray, she had to spend 10 days there before they’d release her into our foster care.

We believe Kendall is nine years old based on microchip records, but aren’t completely sure.  She seems to have more energy than her 6 ½ year old foster brother, another golden retriever.  Speaking of foster brothers, Kendall gets along great with him as well as other dogs she’s met, although we suspect she would do best in a home where other dogs would be fine allowing her to be the alpha dog.

Kendall also has a new kitten in her foster home.  She is very fascinated by the kitten, but too over-excited to allow them to be free in a room together.   Kendall may do fine with an older cat and a patient owner, but would likely do better in a cat free home.

Kendall’s back legs are a bit bowed. The vet diagnosed her with spondylosis in her lower spine, but it doesn’t seem to cause any discomfort or slow her down one bit.

Kendall has good house manners, but still needs some guidance in the counter surfing department.  She has enjoyed lovely bags of rolls on two occasions, but did not bother the bag of apples…carbs are her preference.  Did we mention, she is a very good eater?  No trouble at mealtimes and certainly enjoys extra treats.

Kendall does well with her foster brother, while her foster parents are at work, but once she knows they are home, she wants to be with her family.  She is definitely a Velcro girl and will happily chew on toys, laying quietly on the floor beside you.

We don’t know what the start of Kendall’s life was like.   She knows basic commands, walks well on a leash, loves car rides, and had a microchip, so she certainly was loved at one point.